FCL 300

Timeless design with comfort that lasts; that’s the lady’s FCL 300. Picture yourself cruising through your city on a warm autumn day, whether on the way to work or simply to meet some friends in the park. But now on a bike that’s just as vibrant as you are. The FCL 300 has both a front basket and sturdy rear carrier, perfect for groceries or your book bag. center, double-legged kickstand offers greater stability and coaster brake will stop you whenever you need. Forget the destination and rediscover your city in style and comfort.

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FCL 300 Features

Designed especially for women

Ride a bike that’s the full reflection of you with the City Comfort line.

Never again sacrifice self-expression for functionality. Ride a bike that’s just as much a part of your identity as the very way in which you carry yourself to the office, or to a picnic in the park. The ladylike City Comfort is our most popular women’s line for a reason.

As comfortable as they are elegant

Created with a feminine touch. This elegant line features various colour options.

Bright, pastel colour options, a smooth step-through frame and overall ergonomics for a healthy, upright sitting position. A feminine look that finally matches your metropolitan lifestyle. This redesigned line of the time-proven cycling formula is as comfortable as they are elegant.

Nos vélos pour femmes les plus populaires

Tout comme votre style de vie en ville, votre vélo affirme votre identité.

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