FSS 200

The ideal City Commute model for anyone looking for the right tool for the job. The FSS 200 Gent provides all the safety and functionality features you need; notice the sturdy, robust frame, CST Otis puncture protection tires, and rear and front lights for increased visibility. Comfort is also highlighted with the Selle Royal Nuvola saddle and alloy rear carrier. Now you can ride to work, afternoon sports practice, and even join your friends for cycling trips, all on the same, capable bike.

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FSS 200 Features

with modern coummuter in mind

Turn your daily ride into the best part of your day. The City Commute line is all about practicality.

These even more affordable bikes have the modern commuter in mind. This line cuts off any excess while still managing to feature everything safe cycling requires.

faster reactions and precise steering

Stiffer frames and a sportier cycling position for faster reactions and agile manoeuvrability

The bike’s build is stiffer to allow faster reaction times and more precise steering. The saddle is adjusted to fit a sportier cycling position and the handlebars are profiled to aid the same active posture.

Feel unstoppable

Fly like the wind and feel unstoppable, even in a gridlocked city.

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