FSD M1000i

The FSD M1000i e-bike is the swift commuter that’s meant for life in the city with its sleek design and step-through frame.

Ever-relaxed ride

Step into the future of cycling with Frappé FSD M1000i.

E-City Comfort Frappés are designed to give you an extra boost when you feel you need it most. Experience an ever-relaxed ride with the comfort of a motor-assisted drive delivered by our very own Sport Drive system generation 4.

Ride with Confidence

This line offers an ultimate rider’s experience.

The upright seating position becomes a look-out for any new, undiscovered locations in the city as well as unexpected traffic. FSD M1000i is ‘easy-entry’, which means getting on and off the bike has never been easier. From the same reason it is also naturally unisex.

comfort & practicality

You value riding your city every day in style as much as comfort and practicality. You are mature enough to appreciate easy ride with style.

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