Fuzed B 7+

A higher-tier e-bike starring both classic design elements and the latest in cycling technology.

Style & Comfort

We all want a bike that looks and feels right.

That’s why every Fuzed model features an elementary design that has been incorporated to create a modern and comfortable e-bike. This is achieved thanks to the front shock, the suspension seatpost, and the notably wider wheels, ensuring you always ride in comfort. Plus, visually appealing and practical aspects like the fully hidden cables, the streamlined chain stays, and the painted-to-match motor cover flawlessly align with your urban style.

Power & Versatility

Reach your destination worry-free

With Bosch Active Line Plus motor you always know you’ll reach your destination worry-free. Compared to its base model, the Fuzed B 7+ stands out thanks to its higher capacity Bosch battery and advanced Intuvia displays. Cycle to the office or your next meeting on a classy e-bike.

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