FBC 200 & 201 in your town!

When modern meets classic

Nothing better describes both the look and feel of the new FBC 200/201 e-bike, the first of its kind on the Benelux market.

Whether you’re cycling to work, heading to class, or searching for that perfect picnic spot, you can now do it all on a bike that actually fits your style. Notice the easy step-through frame, ideal for flowy summer dresses, the empowering Bosch Active Line Plus motor, and the Selle Royal Gipsy saddle for a gentle ride. You won’t find anything like it on the cycle paths today, as the high-quality parts, lightweight design, and sensible price point set it apart from the rest. Trust us – with this e-bike, you’ll enjoy all of today’s newest conveniences while never having to compromise your timeless look.

Comfort meets style

Never compromise style for comfort

Cycling should be as relaxing as it is enjoyable, so wave goodbye to bike fatigue and tiresome pedalling. Instead, experience the comfort of the upright riding position, with a clear view of the road ahead, and even take your little one along for the ride – all while never compromising your timeless style.

Safe and practical

The perfect balance of riding safe and practical usee

Safety is always our first priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy practical features. The front rack and basket options make carrying anything a breeze, while the steering and frame locks keep the bike secure. And don’t forget the increased visibility with both rear and front lights.

FBC 200 & FBC 201. What to look forward

Model Overview

FBC 200

Light, pastel colours and convenient basket

The FBC 200’s gentle hues of matte soft green or gloss clay evoke a relaxed and carefree riding style. And the basket is perfect for small picnic supplies, pop-ins at your local farmers’ market, and your favourite library books.

FBC 201

Sleek colours and a strong rack for heavier loads

With matte black and gloss blue grey colour options, the FBC 201 flawlessly matches your elegant lifestyle. Plus, the capable front rack makes transferring even bulkier items through the city easier and more secure than ever.

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