Why Choose a Frappé?

Frappé bikes transform your average ride into an everyday adventure of comfortable, urban discovery.

Elegant & Modern

Timeless design + modern convenience. Stylish bikes that match your lifestyle.

European Design

Rooted in Dutch cycling tradition, designed by experienced engineers and manufactured in the heart of Europe.

Comfortable & Safe

Finally relax and enjoy a bike where safety and comfort take the right of way

SPORT drive

The 4th Generation of SportDrive

Put a Smile on Your Face with SportDrive

Make some room, a new generation has arrived. Our in-house designed SportDrive motor takes e-mobility to the next level. This universal system offers a noticeably smooth and quiet ride as well as customisable accessories. Experience the difference for yourself.

Local Store

Find Frappé today at your store

Get a hands-on rider’s experience and truly feel the Frappe difference.

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