Step 01

Purchase a selected Frappé e-bike from an authorized dealer in Benelux between January 1 and February 18, 2024 to claim your benefit. See the terms and conditions.

Step 02

Register your bike within 7 days of purchase and receive €100 refund or BASIL Sport Design Double Bag or AXA RLC Plus 140 chain.

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FBC 200 & 201

Step into the future of cycling with Frappé E-City Comfort. E-City Comfort Frappés are designed to give you an extra boost when you feel you need it most. Experience an ever-relaxed ride with the comfort of a motor-assisted drive. You value riding your city every day in style as much as comfort and practicality. You are mature enough to appreciate easy ride with style.

Suggested retail price €2.999.

FBC 400

A classy design at an affordable price. Because the FBC 400 was made with urban mothers and active fathers in mind, it features a smooth step-through frame inspired by Dutch-style bikes. Cycle in comfort with the center-mounted Bosch Active Line Plus drive-unit, and experience the safety provided by CST Otis puncture protection tires. With the FBC 400, it’s easy to imagine joining your family for a morning ride, maybe to the local farmers’ market or a lovely day spent at the beach.

Suggested retail price €2.799.

FBC 600i

Wave goodbye to the past and treat yourself to an e-bike that’s just as powerful as it is comfortable. The FBC 600i is perfect for those looking for an e-bike with a flawlessly integrated 500Wh battery, a reliable Active Line Plus motor by Bosch, and safety features like hydraulic disc brakes, a rear Pling! light, and Scalato Mondano puncture protection tires, not to mention the simple step-through frame. Everything you need for a practical, powerful, and perfectly-polished riding experience.

Suggested retail price €2.999.

FBC 800i

The FBC 800i stands at the upper level of our E-City Comfort line. This first-rate e-bike features both an easy step-through frame and an expertly integrated battery. FBC 800i comes with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor for reliable power. And don’t forget the rear Pling! light for increased visibility and better speed control with hydraulic disc brakes. The FBC 800i is the perfect example of progress in urban cycling.

Suggested retail price €3.499.

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